Bulk Adhesive Tanks

Who are we?

Factory Labels Direct is the internet sales division of a label and ribbon manufacturing company with more than 100 years of experience in the office supply business.

Backed by an investment in excess of $10 million in coating, slitting and die-cutting equipment, Factory Labels Direct has positioned itself as one of the lowest cost manufacturers of pressure-sensitive labels and thermal transfer ribbons. Selling only to end-users over the Internet, the company offers some of the lowest prices in the industry.

Green Guarantee

At Labels Direct, we take our responsibility to the environment and sustainability seriously. As part of our philosophy, we strive to institute the best environmental practices in our own manufacturing process as well as requiring our primary suppliers to demonstrate an equal commitment to environmentally friendly policies and practices. We guarantee that we will continue to strive to find new and innovative ways to deliver the same high quality product while reducing any negative environmental impact of its manufacture.

Highlights of our commitment include:

  • Utilizing a direct thermal paper that is completely recyclable and carries the Nordic Swan stamp of approval for low emissions during its manufacture.
  • Utilizing water-based adhesives which will break down without causing harm to micro-ecosystems and which meet Repulpability Requirements set by Forest Products Lab.
  • Utilizing a paper provider who received the highest possible score for Environmental Reporting and the best score in the industry for Environmental Dimension.
  • Initiating an internal Energy Reduction program in our manufacturing facilities which has reduced our energy consumption by 10-15%.
  • Employing a labor pool from the area surrounding our manufacturing facility reducing employee commutes and further limiting our carbon footprint.
"Being able to order labels direct from the factory has saved us time and money . . . and allows me to focus on my core business."
Jessica Dillworth,, Globadyne Industries
"I thought all labels were the same, but the last order we placed from one of Factory Labels Direct's competitors ended up costing us thousands of dollars in late shipment costs while we waited for them to provide the labels . . . I will always order from labels-direct.com from now on."
Ron Miller, Shippley Incorporated