Bulk Adhesive Tanks

Frequently Asked Questions

How can Factory Labels Direct offer such great prices?

Factory Labels Direct sells direct to you, the end-user, cutting out several middle-men and the cost that goes along with them. Additionally, our manufacturing operations are more backwards-integrated than our competitor's. By controlling the entire manufacturing process, we can maximize efficiency and pass the savings on to you.

Freight Charges:

What will the freight charges be for my order?

Freight charges will vary based on the ship-to address and type of service. All orders default to UPS Ground service. During the checkout process, actual freight charges will be displayed.

How can I get a freight quote prior to ordering?

To get a freight quote, add your items to a cart and begin the checkout process. Fill in all fields on the checkout form except those in the Payment Information section and click "Submit Order". The actual freight charges will be displayed. For orders in excess of 20 boxes, please call our Customer Service department at 216-426-5800 for a truck LTL quote.

Can I charge freight to my UPS account?

At this time, all orders must be freight pre-paid and added to your order.

Ordering/Shipping Questions:

How can I place an order without using the internet?

Rest assured that orders placed on our website are highly secure. However, if you are uncomfortable using your credit card on the Internet, you may phone in your order to 1.216.426.5800. You may also fax your order to us at 1.216.426.5801.

Can I establish credit terms and order without a credit card?

First-time customers must pay with a credit card. On subsequent shipments, credit terms can be requested.

Where do you ship to?

Factory Labels Direct only sells and ships to customers in the United States at this time.

Can I order in small quantity or broken case quantities?

All items are sold by case quantities only.

When will my order ship?

Generally, orders received by 4:00pm Eastern time will ship the same business day.

How will my order ship?

Unless special arrangements are made, normally all orders will ship via United Parcel Service (UPS). Very large orders may be shipped via LTL truck shipment

How long will it take to receive my labels?

Allow one to five business days for your order to arrive. Shipping times vary depending on your location. Orders are shipped UPS Ground, unless instructed otherwise. For faster service, you can request alternate UPS services when you place your order. Actual shipping and handling charges will be displayed before you submit your order.

How can I track my order?

You should receive an email invoice the day your order ships. This invoice will include the tracking number for your order. You will also receive a UPS Quantum View Notify email with tracking information and instructions.

Can I ship to multiple locations?

Each order can only have a single Ship-To address. To ship to multiple locations, separate orders must be entered for each location.

What is your return policy?

Product returns will only be accepted with a valid Returned Goods Authorization (RGA) number conspicuously displayed on the outside of the returned package. To obtain an RGA number, email customer service at support@labels-direct.com.

Product Questions:

What is the difference between Thermal Labels and Direct Thermal Labels?

The main difference is direct thermal printing does not use a ribbon. Direct thermal printing does require the use of special heat sensitive substrate material. The printer head activates the heat sensitive coating on this material forming a black image. Thermal transfer printing uses a ribbon from which ink is transferred under heat and pressure to the substrate. If your printer has a ribbon, you want Thermal Transfer labels.

For Roll Labels, what size core do I need?

Most Label Printers use roll labels on 3" cores and approximately 8" diameter rolls. Some smaller table top printers such as the Zebra/Eltron TLP2844 use 1" core labels and approximately 4.5" diameter rolls. Many Portable battery powered printers such as the Zebra QL® series use .75" core labels.

Do I need a ribbon in my printer?

Ribbons are used only with thermal transfer labels not with direct thermal labels.

What are the key factors in selecting a ribbon?

There are several important factors to consider when selecting a ribbon:

  • Ribbon width:
    The ribbon width should extend past the edge of the label material to prevent damage to the print head from abrasion by the label material. For example, a 2.5 wide label would require a 3 inch wide ribbon. Many ribbons are actually larger than their specified width (4 inch ribbons, for example, are typically 4.33 inches wide).
  • Ink Configuration (IN or OUT):
    Specify the brand of printer when you purchase ribbon to assure ribbons are wound in the correct configuration - either ink side wound "in" (also called "coated side in" - CSI) or ink side wound "out" (also called "coated side out" - CSO).

  • Ribbon Roll Core Size:
    Confirm the inside core diameter for the brand printer you own
    Typical desktop unit: 0.5 inch ID cores
    Typical table top unit: 1 inch ID cores
    Be sure to confirm the ribbon is designed for your printer brand as some cores also have special slots in the core to fit in ribbon feed mechanism.
  • Ribbon Roll Length:
    Roll length equates to maximum roll diameter. All printers have a maximum roll diameter that they can accept.

"Being able to order labels direct from the factory has saved us time and money . . . and allows me to focus on my core business."
Jessica Dillworth,, Globadyne Industries
"I thought all labels were the same, but the last order we placed from one of Factory Labels Direct's competitors ended up costing us thousands of dollars in late shipment costs while we waited for them to provide the labels . . . I will always order from labels-direct.com from now on."
Ron Miller, Shippley Incorporated